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Welcome to Entuitive Compliance Inc. 

Award-Winning Insurtech
( Insurance Technology ) Software Solutions for Contractor, 
Vendor and Workforce Compliance Management.

Clients Trust Us With Their Brands.    

 Clients Trust Us With Their Brands

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Do you hire contractors?

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White Sands

We Have Over 25,000 Active Canadian Contractors & Vendors In Our System

One System

Streamline your contractor management with our centralized, easy-to-use software.

Contractor Vetting

We provide you with an external contractor vetting process, ensuring that you work with qualified contractors.

Certificate Tracking

Track the certifications of all of your contract workers and be alerted before they expire.

Mitigate Risk

Reduce the risk of fines, penalties and claims by closing gaps in your contractor management process.

Reduce Costs

Your time is valuable, our system provides an efficient and transparent process to manage your contractors and vendors.

Light & Agile

Our software solutions are mobile friendly and intuitive, making them easier to implement and use.

Our Services

The Tracker Suite

A modular Enterprise and SaaS solution which allows you to mitigate risk and streamline your contractor management program. Designed for both contractors and hiring clients.

Warranty / Claims Solutions

Manage your work orders/leads from the point of creation up to work fulfillment and payment.



“Not only was the support team very helpful but went out of their way to make sure that all information that was given was correct from the beginning to the end of the on line training either through emails or phone calls. The support staff was always very prompt as well in getting back to me with any questions I had and following up as well. The system itself I found very user friendly and easy to navigate through.”

The Tracker Suite

Certificate Tracking

Time & Date Stamping

Detailed Reports

Young Business Colleagues

Entuitive Compliance is a modular SaaS and Enterprise solution which houses data for contractors and their clients, simplifying processes and making data easily accessible. From tracking and maintenance of licenses, certifications, health and safety training, and insurance documents to task assignment. Entuitive Compliance’s solution stores, time stamps, dates, and tracks all documents, keeping a historical data trail of all changes made. Changes are then emailed in real-time to all pertinent parties. Also, with our QR code “tap n’ go” vendor badging system, contractors can easily verify their identity and credentials.

Our solution offers complete transparency around scheduled appointments, the progress of work, details of completed work, and profiles and credentials of contract workers. Gain oversight of contracted work to verify that it is done properly, in a timely fashion and that all workplace health and safety requirements have been adhered to.

Organize documents, contracts, and photos all in one centrally located data hub. With a system designed for both contractors and hiring clients, cross-team communication and information sharing is made easy. Manage all aspects of work performed on a job site from credential verification, to scheduling, task assignments, and task review. Eliminate unwanted manual processes and improve your efficiency.

Repair workflow management

Warranty tracking

Installation workflow management

Casual Business Meeting

Warranty / Claims Solutions is the workflow processes and software that manages the full buying cycle of home improvement services, offered by large retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and homeowners. Manage the buying cycle from start to finish for all of your home improvement relationships.



Head Office

120 Mulock Drive - Unit 1&2

Newmarket, Ontario. Canada. L3Y 7C5

West Coast Office

1040 W Georgia Street Suite 420

Vancouver, BC. Canada V6E 4H1

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Support Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm ET
(Excludes Canadian statutory holidays) 

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