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How to deal with this year's looming salt shortage

Landscape Ontario recently reported that North America will be hit with a rock salt shortage this winter. Due to a number of factors including higher than normal usage last year thanks to a bad winter, a labour dispute at a key mine, and flooding at another mine, there will not be enough rock salt to fill demand this winter in Canada and the US.  This could leave property owners in a bind, as they are ultimately liable for slip and falls on their property, and adequate salting is a big part of keeping sidewalks and walkways safe and free of ice. The following are a few suggestions for proactively handling the upcoming shortage and keeping your property as safe and ice-free as possible this winter. Tips for dealing with the salt shortage:

  1. Start discussions with your snow and ice contractor now about other ice and snow melting options.

  2. Work with a reputable contractor that belongs to your local landscaping association such as Landscape Ontario and/or SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association).

  3. Communicate with your tenants, guests and facility users to ensure they are aware and take precautions.

  4. Increase on-site signage and staffing during snow and ice events, to notify users of potentially hazardous locations.

  5. Use software such as Crawford Compliance's Snow Tracker® to monitor and manage your contractors' activities and product usage, and keep a digital time and date stamped record of your snow and ice removal efforts.

By being proactive and doing everything you can to keep your property safe, you can show that you are doing your due diligence to prevent incidents, and most importantly that you are helping to keep people safe. For more information contact us at 1-866-523-6320 or

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