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Lack of proof of sufficient inspections a factor in 750k slip and fall case

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

More than 750k in damages was recently awarded to a shopper involved in a slip and fall incident in a North Vancouver supermarket.

The judge stated that his decision was affected by the fact that there was not sufficient evidence that the system of inspections that was in place was being followed on the day in question. According to the Vancouver Sun:

“The judge found that while Superstore had a reasonable system of inspection and maintenance on the premises, there was insufficient evidence that the company was adhering to that system on the day of the accident and found the store liable for Harrison’s injuries.”

The judge's comments show that it is not enough just to have a system in place, there must be a form of proof such as consistent logging to show that the system is being followed on a day to day basis.

Since paper logs can be easily falsified and/or lost, digital logs provide a better alternative as they are electronically date and time stamped and are easy to store on a hard drive or in the cloud. Electronic logs can also include photos and videos as well as notes, providing even more thorough evidence of diligent inspections.

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Click here to read the Vacouver Sun’s article on this case.

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